Podcast: Cat Fight at Solheim Cup

There aren’t many things Hawk and Rude like better than a feline fight. OK, maybe there are–like love, peace, majors and presidential debates. But now that you’re reading this, we call your attention to the Solheim Cup controversy involving Suzann Pettersen. Hawk says everybody wins: Motivated U.S. team (rallies from 10-6 down in singles), the Solheim Cup (attention), golf (attention) and even Pettersen (after delayed apology). Rude isn’t so sure about the latter, saying  the conduct figures to follow Pettersen for a good while. Also, the boys talk FedEx Cup playoffs, Jason Day, Player of the Year (not Day) and Tiger Woods’ back surgery. Listen here:

One thought on “Podcast: Cat Fight at Solheim Cup

  1. Karma, Golf Gods, no doubt they exist.
    But I’m still not convinced TW can’t win a bunch more in his 40s. 65% of VJs 40 wins came in his 40s. And we all know TW has more inherent golf skills and determination in his DNA if he ever decides to turn it back on again. He will pass Snead for sure.


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