Podcast: PGA Championship wrapup

Longtime golf journalists John Hawkins and Jeff Rude, two candid fellows, examine Jason Day’s 3-stroke, breakthrough victory over Jordan Spieth. And they put Spieth’s remarkable season into historical perspective. Bottom line: The game is in good (and young) hands. Listen here:

2 thoughts on “Podcast: PGA Championship wrapup

  1. Great work guys. Miss you guys on the best show ever on GC – Grey Goose 19 th hole. And watching a major without the Hawks live chat just isn’t the same.


  2. Guys, Enjoyed the discussion, nice to throw it back to the 70’s too. Speith shouldn’t chase length, let him grow in to it as JR said to avoid injuries. Hawk, don’t give up on the oldies in concert, they make for a great night out reminiscing and singing along. They can still play their instruments better than ever if you can get over the cracked voices. I do think Red Shirt has another run in him, hey Hogan won a few big ones after 40. Let’s get those live chats going!


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