Declining world of sports media

There’s one sports figure worth a write-in vote on the presidential ballot. Find out here. This entertaining, provocative Hawk & Rude podcast explores all things sports media along with special guest David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel, one of the country’s best sports columnists. When and why did media become a four-letter word? Why is sports journalism not nearly as good as it used to be? The past, present and future of sports and golf media examined. Will future writing contests have Best Blog and Best Tweet categories? Make sure you listen to the end for priceless stories about Jim Murray, Ben Hogan and, brace yourself, how Martin Luther King Jr. was connected to the sports world. 

Podcast: Get ready to get inspired

Chad Pfeifer had his left leg amputated above the knee after the vehicle he was driving hit an explosive during the war in Iraq in April 2007. Ten months later he took up golf. In less than a year after that he was a single-digit handicap on his way to a plus-3.5 handicap and turning professional. Last July he became  the first veteran amputee to play in a Tour event. The inspirational, affable Pfeifer, 34, still has a dream of making it to the PGA Tour. He sat down with Jeff Rude at the Diamond Resorts Invitational near Orlando and talked about his story and his dreams in this podcast. Listen here:

Podcast: Can this Fish be caught?

Mardy Fish grew up with country star Jake Owen and went to high school with fellow tennis star Andy Roddick. Fish himself elevated to No. 1-ranked American in 2011. Now he’s getting attention because of a  commanding lead after two of three rounds in the Diamond Resorts Invitational. He sat down with Jeff Rude and talked golf, tennis, Olympics, Owen, Roddick and what one does after retiring at age 34. Listen here:

Podcast: Recalling the tears of a child

Two-time all-star pitcher Mark Mulder won 21 games in his first full season in the major leagues. But some five years later he suffered arm and shoulder problems,   had rotator-cuff surgery after the 2006 season and retired in 2010. He tried a comeback in early 2014 but then suffered a gruesome achilles tendon injury. When he first saw his son after that, the boy was crying at the sight of a father in pain. Mulder couldn’t help but cry himself. Now he’s one of the best golfers in celebrity golf. He won the 2015 big celeb event in Tahoe and came to this week’s Diamond Resorts Invitational as a 2-1 favorite. The affable Mulder sat down with Jeff Rude and talked about his son, about golf and baseball and advice for young players. Listen here:

Billy Joe Tolliver podcast: One of all-time characters cracks wise on everything

Billy Joe Tolliver, an NFL quarterback for 12 years, arrived at this week’s Diamond Resorts Invitational near Orlando with a couple of distinctions: As a four-time winner of the American Century Celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, he was listed as the second favorite here (behind Mark Mulder) at 5-2 odds. He also is recognized as the most colorful celeb in the field this side of Larry The Cable Guy. Jeff Rude caught up with the playful Tolliver at the 54-hole tournament and talked with him about golf, football, comedy, man cards, gambling and myriad things life. Listen here:

Bret Saberhagen podcast: Former star pitcher talks Hall, golf, more

WINDERMERE, Fla.–Bret Saberhagen came to the 54-hole Diamond Resorts Invitational as a 100-1 shot. That’s right, 17 players were given better chances of winning. And that’s right, the tournament actually had an oddsmaker come up with odds for this celebrity event involving athletes and entertainers. Anyway, Saberhagen leads in the Stableford format after the first of three rounds. Jeff Rude caught up with  the former two-time Cy Young Award winner for this podcast. Saberhagen talked about the Hall of Fame, baseball players playing golf in season, why star athletes get nervous playing golf and which one of his many awards matters most. Listen here:

Podcast with Mark Rypien: Ex-NFL QB sees ‘lot of flaws’ with movie Concussion

Jeff Rude caught up with former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien, MVP of the 1992 Super Bowl, in Orlando at the Thursday-Saturday 54-hole Diamond Resorts Invitational for celebrity athletes and entertainers.  Listen here to find out what Rypien thinks about the movie “Concussion,” the NFL’s concussion issue, the Rams’ move to Los Angeles and his nervous experience playing in the PGA Tour’s 1992 Kemper Open as an overmatched Washington celebrity.